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  • Derek Erdman is an artist, notary, receptionist and overall Mostly, he is one of the cleverest humans I sort of know. I first fell in love with Derek when he posted on Facebook that he was making egg sandwiches and encouraged anyone to come to his window if they wanted one. Services on Derek’s website include $20 portraits, $17 revenge raps, and free drawings of Carol Channing (Seattle residents only).
  • I’ve been meaning to read Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One since it came out in 2011, but now feels like the perfect time to do it.  I just started it last night and it already accurately predicts our slavery to VR, a massive 80’s cultural revival and a planet-wide energy crisis. There’s a Spielberg-directed version coming out next year, so get on it now before it gets all sugared up.
  • Season Two of Catastrophe will be available on Amazon Video on Friday. I’m not sure why nobody talks about this show, but it’s hilarious and harsh in the best possible way. Season one is a mere six half-hour episodes, so you have plenty of time to catch up.
  • In honor of baseball’s opening day and (more importantly) the 40th anniversary of The Bad News Bears, Consequence of Sound has a full scouting report on the original Bad News Bears line-up. Includes quotes like “And while forgettable (practically never seen) at the plate or in the field, he’s the quintessential glue man, acting as a liaison between Buttermaker and the boys and a go-between among the Bears’ many racial, religious, and gender groups.”

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