Vote for Orchestra VR!

Hey – the last project I did with the LA Phil is up for a Webby Award! We’re up against some stiff competition with the other entries being from ABC News, VRSE, The New York Times and Goodby. Ours is the best, I promise. It was the app we exhibited on VAN Beethoven and

Links worth clicking – Derek Erdman, girls and fear, Ready Player One, Catastrophe, Bad News Bears, otters

Derek Erdman is an artist, notary, receptionist and overall Mostly, he is one of the cleverest humans I sort of know. I first fell in love with Derek when he posted on Facebook that he was making egg sandwiches and encouraged anyone to come to his window if they wanted one. Services on Derek’s

Links worth clicking – Fukishima photos, Kevin Morby, City of Gold, More Neko Atsume

Beautiful, stirring photos by Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression of Fukishima evacuees returning to the city and posing in the ruins as if nothing had happened. Kevin Morby has a great new record coming out next month. You can read my review and hear his new single on Sound it Out. City of Gold is maybe the

The YAMS – human-powered, computer-enabled, music recommendation

Are you an old person who just can’t find time in their busy schedule to find new music? Are you a lazy young person/millennial? Do you text in the car? Do you enjoy anagrams of my name? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might need The Yams.

Guest blogging on Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle

Rex Parker‘s website is a must if you do the New York Times crossword. He’s one of the top solvers in the world and an insightful and funny writer. I read his site every day and am honored to be his guest blogger today.

Links worth clicking – the best resume, crosswords by Brendan Emmett Quigley, OJ facts

Check out designer/coder Robby Leonardi’s resume. He wins. If you do crosswords regularly, especially the New York Times one, you know that a lot of the answers are rather arcane, relying on a knowledge base that includes memorization of things like Latin words and bible book names. Brendan Emmett Quigley creates crosswords for the rest of us.

Virtual Reality Hardware Overview – Headsets

Virtual reality is a hot topic, and I keep getting the same basic question from people who aren’t knee-deep in it: “Which platform?”.

YYES they have the best holiday gift

I’ve hired YYES design studio from at least three different jobs over the years. Owners Brent Stickels and Ron Fleming are amazing partners – they never take an obvious or lazy path with their projects, and their taste is impeccable. YYES  gives the best holiday gift to clients.

My city loves technology

Did you know that Los Angeles is the only city that provides live traffic info to Waze/Google? That means the apps are getting information straight from public traffic cams and detour knowledge bases versus waiting for distracted drivers to report an issue.  Now the city is informing your commute by launching the GoLA app.

The first bee rescue of 2016

We got a call to our bee rescue hotline on Sunday asking us to come remove a swarm that had landed in a South LA hedge. It was our first of the year and I forgot how fun it is.