YYES they have the best holiday gift


I’ve hired YYES design studio from at least three different jobs over the years. Owners Brent Stickels and Ron Fleming are amazing partners – they never take an obvious or lazy path with their projects, and their taste is impeccable.

YYES  gives the best holiday gift to clients. They send everyone a check made out for $100 and ask the receiver to give it to whichever charitable cause they see fit.  I’ve always found this to be a daunting and exciting task. I often belabor my decision before filling the check out. The last couple of them have gone to the Downtown Women’s Center, and I’ve had the pleasure of hand-delivering the checks to their office.

I asked the YYES men about the philosophy behind the checks and Brent said:

We started the program in 2007. It was a way to recognize our clients and colleagues at the holidays, but we decided we could do more than sending another gift basket, bottle of booze, or “A donation has been made in your name…” card.

I’ve wondered a lot about where the checks go and how many of them get used. Here’s a little info:

  • When the holiday checks began: December 2007
  • How often do they get used: 90% of the time
  • Most common recipients: an assortment of health services, environmental causes and animal rights.
  • Most unexpected recipient: Republican National Party
  • Most naughty: someone made the check out to “cash”

Again from Brent:

We like to think it’s a program that spurs people to think more about charitable giving, especially at a time of year so loaded with consumption. Plus people always talk about it long after the holidays are over, so it makes a much greater impression than a typical gift.

The YYES checks certainly make me think about end of the year giving and those who are less fortunate. I bet many of their clients feel the same way.

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